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Power Supplies

Universal AC to +5V Volt DC Switching Power Supply (Back To main page)

Model NumberRedundantTotal WattOutput DC VoltageLoad Amp. TypicalUnit PriceManual
OPR300-05S No 300 +5V 55A $649.00
OPR300-05R Yes 600*+5V 55A + 55A $1249.00
OPR200-05S No 200 +5V 36A $625.00
OPR200-05R Yes 400*+5V 36A + 36A $1075.00
OPR150-05S No 150 +5V 30A $625.00
OPR150-05R Yes 300*+5V 30A + 30A $975.00
OPR100-05S No 100 +5V 20A $599.00
OPR100-05R Yes 200*+5V 20A + 20A $950.00
OPR075-05S No 75 +5V 15A $599.00
OPR075-05R Yes 150*+5V 15A + 15A $925.00
OPR065-05S No 65 +5V 12A $510.00
OPR065-05R Yes 130*+5V 12A + 12A $825.00