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Ensuring the highest level of customers satisfaction. What makes us a better Company in our field

About Optimal Power

About Optimal Power®

Optimal Power is owned by Optimal Power Supplies LLC. and is based in North East of USA. We specialize in electrical and computer supplies and power supply related products.

Optimal Power is dedicated to offering the highest quality products and expert services. Our goal is to be the leading designer, producer, and supplier of power supply and power supply related products.

Optimal Power was created by engineers with years of experience in leading manufacturing and research & development companies, who have hands-on experience in creating and utilizing the latest technologies. We understand the complexity and demands of the current technological era and we transform your individual requirements and visions into a reality. In other words we also custom design products for you on your special needs.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to become the leading designer, producer, and supplier of cost effective power supplies. Our target markets are as follows:

  • Computer Peripherals and Networking Applications
  • Telecommunications and Fiber optic Network
  • Voice, Data and Analog Communications
  • Universities and Educational Facilities
  • Instrumentation and Electronics
  • Utility and Power Industries
  • Data Acquisition
  • Medical
  • Military

In addition, we undertake custom design projects for our customers, and also sell working designs of products manufactured at Optimal Power for reasonable prices.

 For more information, contact us at: (302-355-0690 for North East & 251-209-8088 for the rest of USA) or fill out Custom Design form