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Optimal Power® Rack Mount RPS Power Supply Series™

Optimal Power® rack mount product line RPS Power Supply Series™ is specifically designed by Optimal Power Supplies LLC for NETGEAR®, as the ONLY tested and certified solution for alternative power source for NETGEAR®’s RPS (Redundant Power Supply) capable switches.

RPS Power Supply Serie™ is a unique and a highly reliable power supply series. It is used as a redundant power supply for NETGEAR® RPS capable PoE, 10/100 Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet switches. The RPS Power Series™ is designed for Universal AC to DC power supply applications. Because of this feature these power supplies can be used anywhere in the world.

Available RPS Power Supply Series™ Models

RPS5412 (1 port, 1U rack mountable)

RPS1204 (4 ports, 1U rack mountable, HOT-SWAP)